Website Design

We design, host and maintain custom built websites for individuals and small business clients with responsive, SEO-friendly code; rich media content; premium features; and outstanding functionality.

Graphic Design

We create digital designs using line drawings, scalable vectors, layered raster files, stock photography, composite images and digital art, rendered in all sizes and all formats for web, print or media use.

Print Design

We provide all forms of digital design for the print industry including: business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, marketing materials, promotional materials, packaging, wraps and signage.

Ecommerce Stores

Simple PayPal integration to database-driven sales portals based on popular platforms like Big Commerce, Presta Shop, Shopify, Volusion and 3D Cart.

Email Templates

High-quality templates for all popular bulk email system formats including: Constant Contact, MailChimp, VerticalResponse, iContact, Robly and others.

Desktop Publishing

Digital typesetting and variable-data print production for: catalogs, books, newsletters, pamphlets, binders, invitations, menus, awards, certificates, etc.

Web Templates

Graphic and structure customization of templates for HTML, Weebly, WordPress, Wix, Jimdo and many other platforms!

Branding & Identity

Business and brand identity packages, conceptual logo design, media press kits, business stationary, signage and more.

Marketing Services

General copy writing, taglines, mail list services, social media assets, advertising, store displays, small-business consulting.


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How we work.

Controlling workflow and prioritizing projects is the only way we can function as a one-person shop. I don't farm any work out, therefore I only take on work I can handle timely and effectively. For larger website and other design projects I follow this general path to get started:

  • Project Overview

    We will discuss your needs and what types of projects will be required to achieve them.

  • Content Assessment

    We will review what you have, in-hand, to contribute to the design project.

  • Conceptualization

    We will draft an explanitory or visual mockup to allow you to evaluate the goals of the finished design project.

  • Quotation

    We will determine a pricing structure and timeline of completion for your project.

Other questions:

The definition is very broad but our response is simple ... we create things with computers. DPdesigned provides the combined know-how, skill and resources to create websites, logos, posters, catalogs, brochures, signs, presentations, advertising, cards, menus, labels, photographs, music, art, decor or most any other conceptual design that can be rendered in digital form. We are experts in creating exciting visual content through technology.

Actually, we use everything but the kitchen sink. If you are concerned about compatibility with your other marketing resources, don't be. When it comes to design, DPdesigned can provide digital work in the defacto Adobe standards along with almost any other file format you can dream of. Of course we use Photoshop but we're not married to it. Any tool that gives the desired result is fair game.

Absolutely! From logo design all the way down to the last business card, DPdesigned can create an exciting business identity, online presence or personal statement for you. We gather information about you or your business and do our best to infuse our design concept with as much of your personal style as you like. Our results are usually met with quotes of: " peaked into my brain." or " did you know what I was thinking?" Like any creative process - your satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Some folks are worried about maintenance fees and others like to have total control. Regardless of your motivation, we can accommodate you with a website that you will be able to manage yourself. There are many commercial, DIY website management platforms out there that are very easy to learn and maintain once the basic design is in place. Contact us to find out the best option for you!

No. Popularity will make your site popular. SEO has gone from buzzword to big business in recent years and many potential clients don't have a clue what it does (or doesn't) do, yet are will to shell out big bucks for it. We use "white-hat", seo-friendly techniques in all of our site designs but we will not inflate your expectations of search engine performance.

Yes, of course we can! A large part of being an effective digital design studio is working with source material from others in the style desired by our client. We will be sensitive to you, your brand, or your business to insure your project will not become a forum to showcase our design. Whether designing from scratch, or incorporating or updating existing resources, we will work with you to convey your message in the manner you envision.

DPdesigned is much more than a 9-to-5 studio operation, it is a passion and a resource to continue my knowledge quest regarding the expanding world of design and technology. Don't get me wrong, I like money as much as anyone else but our market segment is small and unique and we are very selective about the projects we take on. Knowing what we do best and not tackling anything that can't be done 100% in-house and delivered on time allows us to price our work aggressively.

Yes, I'm sure I can find a few folks out there that might have something nice to say about us! Just kidding of course. I take pride in telling you that I have business relationships with some of my clients for over twenty years. However, I do not take pride in telling you that information so you can figure out how old I am. ;-)

Yes! We have resources, which allow us to design and print many different types of materials from business cards and stationary to store signs and vehicle wraps. While, we partner with many popular printing services, we are NOT a printing company and we do not claim to take profit or responsibility for the printed goods we deliver.

"Since we cannot know all that there is to be known about anything, we ought to know a little about everything."
~ Blaise Pascal, Mathematician & Physicist ~

"It is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future."
~ Clay Shirky, Author & Educator ~


Most digital design processes incorporate traditional graphic design along with the enhanced imagery afforded by the use of computers. Here's a quick look at some of the amazingly creative and artistic digital processes we can apply to your images for personal or commercial use.

About Us

A brief look at who we are and what we do.

About DPdesigned

DPdesigned is a digital design studio founded in 2007. We are based in Greenville, SC and service clients all over the country. We can easily work remotely to serve you regardless of your location. Our specialty is creating digital assets for web, print and media. DPdesigned is a sole proprietorship and performs all of our work in-house. We also furnish domain name aquisition and managed shared-hosting services for websites and email accounts through our preferred internet services provider, Bluehost.*

*DPdesigned is not a direct Bluehost partner, affiliate or reseller. All terms and conditions of our hosting services must abide by the same guidelines as published by Bluehost. [ ]

Our mission is to provide creative, professional and affordable digital design services to help our varied customers promote their products; their services; their causes; or themselves. Our primary clients are small businesses, shop owners, LLC's, artists, photographers, musicians, communicators and individuals. Their common desire is to debut, upgrade, or maintain a visual marketing or promotional presence in electronic or print form.

Making YOU happy. That's all there is to it. Our job is to listen, double-check, triple-check and ask for your approval along the way. We realize you have a vision in your mind that our designs should comply with on every project we do. Design may be subjective but we will strive to provide you with the most current knowledge we have regarding the style and trends that go into producing an effective brand, marketing plan or advertising campaign. Ultimately, our success is only measured by your satisfaction.

About Dean Piccoli

Dean Piccoli is a career businessman, print industry veteran and digital designer with a proven track record of helping businesses succeed through his unique technical and creative skill set.

Contact Dean directly at:

What Our Customers Think

  • "I'm not quite sure how DPdesigned tapped inside my head, but I do know that they were able to achieve exactly what I envisioned my marketing materials should look like. I'm impressed."

  • "Dean is such a pleasure to work with. He's always accommodating and is full of good ideas and advice. I hired a designer and got a free marketing consultant! That's a pretty good deal if you ask me."

  • "DPdesigned was able to help my business get off the ground by providing all of the essential marketing services I could think of. We have since grown and I still rely on them for most of my needs."

  • "I'm always getting compliments on my website. It's colorful, informative and easy to use. DPdesigned has also provided me with brochures, posters and trade show displays."


Design trends (especially web design trends) are constantly evolving and DPdesigned strives to evolve along with it. To continue my knowledge quest, it is my personal mission to see that the services I offer through my company stay current, adapt to change and avoid complacency.

  • Responsive Design

  • More than a buzzword and arguably the most hyped web design trend of all, "responsive" replaces the now-dated "mobile-friendly" term. Responsive design literally means the layout of your website will look and respond differently based on the device you are using, be it computer, tablet or phone. The proliferation of new devices and browsers, which interact with the web, demands that a contemporary design layout be fluid and adaptable.

  • Navigation Menus

  • The modern navigation menu has morphed from a designer showpiece to a utilitarian tool. Functionality is the key and the trend is to forego the razzle-dazzle for a purposeful, legible navigation system that is as easily used with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. In responsive design, the navigation is often changed to a finger-friendly, collapsed menu for phones, and multi-page sites have been paired down to long-scrolling pages.

  • Rich Content

  • While flat, material and minimalist website layouts are all the rage these days, a shift has been made toward enriching the content. Large images, video or animated backgrounds, stylized typography and micro-interactions are all fair-game for a contemporary website designe that is usually accessed through robust internet connections that many of us enjoy in our homes and on our mobile devices. Improving your content is a great idea!

  • Site Similarity

  • There is no doubt that web design trends are quickly adopted leading to a high degree of similarity between modern websites. But having a similar look isn't necessarily a bad thing. The way we consume web content has changed quite a bit and there are a lot of expectations and assumptions on how a website is supposed to work from the user's perspective. The challenge is to use design to distinguish your site from the rest!



I know I can be tough to reach by phone. I'm a one-person office juggling various projects day and night and I don't always budget the time to trade phone calls during normal business hours. However, I'm ALWAYS glued to a computer or device, so e-mail (or this contact form) is the very best way to get a quick response from me!

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